In an era of declining revenues in the pharmaceutical industry, Ophthalmology offers an area with significant growth potential in diseases such as Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), Diabetic retinopathy, and Dry Eye. Presently there are millions of patients with unmet need and millions more diagnosed each year. With this in mind MPI is expanding its offerings of ophthalmic services through a partnership with Ophthy-DS, Inc., an ocular contract research company. This new relationship will provide MPI with a suite of established animal models of ocular disease, the expertise to develop new models as well as access to cutting edge equipment to better document and measure pathology within the eye. These new capabilities will complement the current capabilities you have always associated with MPIs Toxicology and Experimental Therapeutic services.

In this webinar Dr. Jamison, the CEO of Ophthy-DS, will discuss the new tools available at MPI as well as the relevance of current models and those under development such as blue light phototoxicity, laser induced neovascularization, VEGF induced vascular leakage, dry eye models and ocular Irritation. New non-invasive assays used to measure the efficacy of treatment as well as provide toxicological screening such as Electroretinagraphy (ERG) and ocular imaging of cornea, fundus, retina (OCT) and vasculature will be discussed in detail.